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"I had the pleasure of working with Susanna for over a year in a clinical setting with children. In that time, she had helped me tremendously with various speech related strategies to help my students communicate more effectively. She was always so helpful with any questions that I had. Not only is Susanna an incredible speech pathologist, she is an extremely genuine person who cares for the clients she works with. Any child/adult would benefit from Susanna's speech services, as I'm confident they will improve  language to their full potential." -S.

"Susanna Weinberger has been coaching my son for 6 months. The improvement in his speech is quite remarkable. Prior to classes with Susanna, both at school and at home, he was often difficult to understand. In a short time, she has helped his speech become much more clear. Not only that, she is a delightful person. My son even looks forward to his speech classes. Thank you, Susanna!"

- E.

"From the moment our family met Susanna our lives have been made better.  Our 3 year old son Jordan took to her immediately.  He was instantly comfortable and it is as if she were able to flip a switch and open up his ability to speak more.  He is progressively doing better with each session.  We have actually just hit the phase where the honeymoon of his 'play dates with Susanna' is over, but she knew just how to deal with this to keep the sessions engaging and fun while making great progress.  Her education, experience and instincts for working with kids with speech delay shows through with each situation that arises.  She has seen it all before and has the tools to not only keep our child engaged and learning, but she is able to give us the tools to work with him as well.  


When sitting in the sessions with Susanna, she guides us on ways we can work with our son to help him grow and to continue her work with him in between sessions.  She also speaks with our nanny and answers all her questions so that she is informed on how to best work with our son on his speech.  She is a great sounding board for what is going on with our child and you can almost see her mind processing the information to figure out how to use her speech sessions to work on all areas of growth and development.  She has taught us how to model speech that we are working on to manage our expectations of the timeline that it should all take." -M.


"My daughter has been in speech therapy with Susanna for about 5 months, and we are incredibly happy with her progress.  Susanna had an instant bond with my daughter.  This wonderful connection that Susanna established has led to my daughter being so comfortable and at ease, which really allows for her to learn and develop her language skills each session.  Susanna seemlessly works with kids as well as their parents (and caretakers), and has given us so many tools to help her language development.  The education that she provides has been invaluable.  I have learned so much by watching her and being in the sessions with her.  Susanna also provides handouts which are clear and concise, and these handouts have been a terrific aid. Susanna truly has the magic touch in getting my daughter to talk, and I am so grateful for all of her help."

"Susanna has been a wonderful speech therapist for our son.  He has really taken to her.  We have seen a marked improvement in his speech since she began working with him.  Susanna’s success is a testament not only to her technique and skill, but also her ability to connect with our son in a meaningful way.  We are happy to recommend her."

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